Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Robinson @ BX Museum (J Dilla Tribute)

Last week I attended the J Dilla Tribute shows in New York City. The first was up in the Bronx. John Robinson aka Lil Sci from Science of Life was on the bill to perform. I divided the footage into three parts so it wasn't one long 15 min clip.
First up he speaks a bit on the situation in Haiti, and then goes on to perform what seems to me like either a freestyle or verses from a song.
Then on the second clip, he performs "Mascot" from his 2008 album I Am Not For Sale. Then he goes on to perform "Black Gold" his 2009 album (w/ MF DOOM) Who Is This Man?
On the third clip he takes us out with "Always Bless" from The Leak Edition vol. 1. (2007)

John Robinson @ Bronx Museum J Dilla Tribute show 2-5-10

"Mascot/Black Gold"

"Always Bless"

...Next up... Footage from iHeartDilla's One Won't Do Jay Dee tribute... stay tuned!

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