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Hello world,

I wanted to create this page to have a place where I can put all of my films so it's easy to find stuff created by me. Here's a couple of things you may, or may not know about me...

In 2004, I graduated from the New York Film Academy. Currently I produce content for my company NicaBia Productions. I've created content with my company since 2003, in different fields such as video games, music, sports and film. As the time goes by, I will post older content that's either already out on the web, or has never been released.
I want this to be the page that has all of my work, and easy to find. In this post I will present 2 music videos that I put together last year... first up... Fresh Daily...

Last year, I created my first music video "Apollo 13" for Brooklyn emcee Fresh Daily. It was really great to work with him on this project. The way it came about was pretty simple.
I had seen Fresh around the New York Hip Hop scene for a couple of years now. I remember at first he was just a normal concert goer, and he always stood out to me (mostly 'cause of his "Fresh" gear). He would always have a certain look that made him stand out, in what ever place he was in.
Fast forward to the summer of 2009. I attended the after party that Brooklyn bodega held at South Paw for the BK Hip Hop festival. I saw Fresh there and approached him regarding shooting a music video. We exchanged info, and quickly began to work on a concept.

We shot it on 3 different occasions. First, we shot some stuff at his old apartment alongside Benamin (Producer of the song). In late July I had to fly out to CA for a couple of weeks, but resumed production in mid Aug. The second day we shot at this bar called Bob's in NYC. Lots of people came thru to show support for the project. The third day was really only a half day. Woke up early to go shoot at the bridge. A couple of hours later we had wrapped up the video. It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to edit.

The video dropped on Saturday Sept. 19th. I'll never forget this date, because it was the day that legendary DJ Roc Raida passed away. I had finished the video and wanted to upload it to the High Water youtube page to see how it looked online. It wasn't going to officially drop until Monday. Little did I know that the video wasn't locked, and within minutes already had it on their site featured. A little while after that scooped it up and that version ended up staying live. Even though I had to make a couple of minor changes, I decided to leave it live so Fresh didn't lose out on pv's (page views). It was a great experience to work with him, and I'm really proud of the final product.

... Apollo 13 by Fresh Daily!

Then on November 19th 2009 I released my second music video. This time with Columbus emcee ZeroStar from Weightless records. The way I got to work with Zero was from me knowing Blueprint (Rhymesayers) and the website that I sometimes frequent its forums. For a couple of years now I have enjoyed Zero's music. Always wanted to work with him when he released his 1st LP "Forever Never Really That Long" but never got the chance since I lived in NY and he was in OH.

I also record video game tournaments held from the community. In October I had to record a tournament that was being held in Columbus for my next video game documentary. I then decided to hit up Zero to work on a music video. I stayed an extra day once I was done shooting my documentary footage, and shot "Intro (Everybody)" with ZeroStar.

On that day Zero picked me up and we went to his house to shoot some indoor scenes. The concept was very simple. Since we didn't have the time to really plan out something that would take a couple of days to shoot, we opted to just shoot the whole thing in the span of a few hours. Then the concept of let's introduce you to the audience with a simple look into your ordinary life came about. Since the song itself is one long verse we felt this would work, just have one long theme visually.

After shooting some stuff at his house, we drove around taking shots of the city. We stopped by a local mural from Columbus Hip Hop legend Daymon Dodson. I briefly got to know Daymon "SoWhat" from my early days on the forums. We had plenty of conversations over AIM but I never got the chance to meet him in person. I thank you for your great spirit and putting me on to some great stuff like Pete Rock's group The UN, and all the rare J Dilla stuff that I know cherish like gold!

We also shot at the local music spots "Skully's" and "Magnolia Thuderpussy". Special thanks go out to Wes Flexner for hooking it up with the location. We wanted to get some shots with Blueprint and make sure he had a cameo, but unfortunately had the Flu and couldn't leave the house that day. Shot outs go out to Print, for all his support thru out the years. I also have to mention Tony "Envelope" for being a really cool dude. Great meeting you my dude!

I love the way this video came about, and my experiences while in Columbus. I got a chance to meet some great people that before had only been handles and avatars on a computer. I can't wait to go back to the Bus!

...Everybody by Zerostar!

Hope you've enjoyed my work, more will be coming soon!

NicaBia 2010


Checkout some of the lost footage from the "Everybody" music video. This 10 min. "behind the scenes" if you will mini doc showcases some great music and new footage, not shown on the actual music video.

...Everybody Lost Footage...

NicaBia 2010

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