Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P.SO "Almost Home" Music Video

So finally we have the music video out!

The way this one came about was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. P.SO and I have been in talks for a few months now since last year for us to collab on a music video. We came up with a couple of ideas for songs from his debut album "For Your Consideration" and his 2009 mixtape "Earthtones". This was in the fall of 2009. We both felt that it would be best to put together a music video for a project that would be coming out in 2010. So we settled on doing something from his new EP "Moontones", a remix project he did with The Soundmen.

He played a couple of joints at my house from Moontones a couple months back. I really wanted to shoot a video for "Incredible Remix", but I knew it would probably not happen since it's a remix from a Mickey Factz joint.
Then I said, "The Jungle" with Von Pea from Tanya Morgan would also be ill. The fellas from TM would be touring in Feb and March and would spearhead the promotion for Donwill's new album "Tanya Morgan presents Donwill as Don Cusak in High Fidelity". I knew that Jungle would not work out as a first video from Moontones.

Then P.SO sent me the tittle track Moontones. I liked the song but he told me that he already had promised that video to another dir. Since him and I are in talks of shooting something from 8thw1 & P.SO's new project "Suicide by Jellyfish", I felt that the easiest and most convenient thing would be to shoot "Almost Home". Since it's the first track we hear on Moontones and it would be the first music video from the EP, I felt this was the strongest candidate for us to shoot a music video for.

That week in Feb. 2010 NYC had a snow blizzard. The way that I work to get creative to come up with music video concepts is to listen to the track over and over and brainstorm ideas. The snow was such an eminent factor that it's all I saw out the window... and then it hit me. The following day I called P.SO and asked it he could come thru after work so we could shoot the video. He said, "in the snow?" I said "Yuupp!!"... he said... "YESS!!!"... the rest is history!

P.SO the Moontones King
"Almost Home"
Dir. Shankar
NicaBia Productions


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